You chose Hesston as a student fit, now choose to be engaged with HesstonFIT. Keep up with campus events, send us a prospective student referral, download J.D. Martin’s Start Here college song, pick a group on campus to pray for or check out other HesstonFIT options. We want you to know – you still fit with us!

Coming soon to your town – a HesstonFIT event

Recent events have taken place in Goshen, Ind., and Harrisonburg, Va. HesstonFIT events are gatherings for young alumni, opportunities to share the Hesston Experience with friends old and new.

Currently on campus

Check out recent or upcoming chapel services or watch the Larks compete on the field or court

College songs

  • Start Here, a new college song by alumnus JD Martin

Life at Hesston – videos by students and others

Where are you now?

Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Did you take a new job or get married or become a parent? We would love to hear the latest from you. Please send us an update.

Support Hesston

Hesston’s students, faculty and staff need your support, and not just financial support. Your prayers – for the growth and maturation of students; for their health and safety; for faculty and staff in their interactions with students, alumni, friends and each other and for wisdom for all who lead and carry on this important work – are key to Hesston College’s success. Here are a few key student groups for which you may choose to pray: Bel Canto Singers, Hesston College Chorale, Chamber Orchestra, Resident Assistants, Ministry Assistants, sports teams (Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Softball, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis and Volleyball) and students from various states (Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia).

Financial support is important, too. Young alumni are key to the college’s long-term viability. And when life is busiest, taking time to write a check becomes more difficult. For alumni and friends who wish to support the college on a regular basis, Hesston offers an ACH (automated clearing house) program to automatically send your monthly gift from your bank account to the college’s student scholarship fund. Sign up for automated giving or make a credit card contribution today!

Do you know a prospective student who could contribute to and benefit from the Hesston Experience? Please send us his or her name and contact information and our admissions staff will make the contact.