MS Office 2010 Tips and Resources

With Microsoft Office 2010, familiar toolbars and menus have been replaced with a whole new look and feel. Features are organized by what you want to do and allow you to preview editing and formatting changes before you decide to use them.

For Faculty and Staff to learn this new version of Office, you can:

  • Learn on your own with the online tutorials listed below.
  • Learn Word on your own with handouts located on the F drive.
  • Attend a short workshop led by Gary O.
  • Contact Vickie A. and if there is room, sit in on a section Intro to Computers when they cover the topic (Word, Excel, PPT) that you are interested in.

At Microsoft, some good tips, and a “what’s new” with the Office 2010

Other Resources:

  • ClipSafari is a site with tons of free clip art. (100,000 so far). All images are free to use for any purpose, including commercial purposes.