Technology Skills Self-Assessment

Yes      No       1.  Can you start up, reboot and shut down a computer?

Yes      No       2.  Can you start and quit a program stored on the hard drive?

Yes      No       3.  Can you save and retrieve files to and from a jump drive (flash drive), network drive or the hard drive?

Yes      No       4.  Can you cut/copy text from one source and paste it into another?

Yes      No       5.  Can you open and close menus and windows?

Yes      No       6.  Can you move and resize windows on your desktop?

Yes      No       7.  Can you create folders?

Yes      No       8.  Can you navigate a directory to find files?

Yes      No       9.  Can you delete files you are done using?

Yes      No       10. Do you have touch typing skills to produce 25 to 30 words per minute?

Yes      No       11. Can you create and print a word processing document?

Yes      No       12. Can you use spelling and grammar check to edit and revise your work?

Yes      No       13. Do you know how to connect to the Internet in a variety of locations?

Yes      No       14. Do you know how to retrieve and delete email messages?

Yes      No       15. Do you know how to create, send, forward and reply to emails?

Yes      No       16. Do you know the difference between an email address and a web address?

Yes      No       17. Can you use a search engine to find information on the Internet?

Yes      No       18. Do you abide by standard netiquette?

Yes      No       19. Do you practice ethical conduct related to copyrights, plagiarism and

Yes      No       20. Do you understand and agree to follow the college policy of acceptable 
                            use for the Internet?

Yes      No       21. Can you locate and use computer resources such as online catalogs, text
                            resources and online databases?

Yes      No       22. Can you configure your browser to accept cookies?

Yes      No       23. Do you understand and know your way around Moodle, our learning management system?

Yes      No       24. Can you change the text size of your browser?

Yes      No       25. Can you download software upgrades and install them?

Yes      No       26. Can you rename a file?

Yes      No       27. Can you save a file with a different extension?

Interpreting Your Score

How many of the above questions did you answer with a ‘Yes’? Use the following scale to determine how well you are prepared to complete an onlince course:

27 to 23: Excellent – More than likely you will do quite well with the technical aspects of an online course.

22 to 18: Fair – Contact your advisor or the course instructor  before enrolling in the course to find out if your lack of certain skills will jeopardize your ability to complete the course.

17 or less: Need Improvement – We recommend that you access coursework, workshops or tutorials that will help you improve your computer and Internet skills before enrolling in an online course.

This page contains information modified from web page  found at Allen County Community College