Honors Degree Program

Writing Assistant Lys Nolt helps a student with their writing project in the Access lab.

Do you seek more challenging classes?
Are you intellectually curious?
Do you have ambitious career goals?

The Hesston College honors program strives to connect students who exemplify the college’s core values of excellence and creativity with experienced faculty to promote a space for expanded study. Through honors courses, students deepen their understanding and appreciation of art, literature and culture.

Honors students will take three honors courses during their time at Hesston as well as complete an honors capstone project in their final year. Honors courses are meant to take the place of equitable courses in the students degree program and each student will take no more than one extra credit hour in their pursuit of a degree as a part of the honors program. Students will also have opportunities to attend cultural outings as well as honors reading and discussion circles.

Honors program admission requirements

  • 3.5 high school grade point average
  • 27 ACT or 1260 SAT score
  • Short essay
  • Faculty panel interview

For more information

Contact Eric Tippin, honors program director, eric.tippin@hesston.edu.