Equipment Instructions – TurningTechnologies Clickers

For students, clickers (or classroom response systems/personal response system) provide a means to actively participate in class, particularly in large classes.

For faculty, clickers provide an alternate method of engaging students and measuring student comprehension.

Activites for using clickers can include:

  • Actively engage students through practice or review questions,
    can be in the form of games played individually or in teams
  • Conduct opinion surveys, provide visual representation of different perspectives
  • Provides visual feedback to students of how they compare to peers. Poll and re-poll in same session to measure gain in understanding
  • Promote collaboration – put students in groups, have them discuss a question, come to consensus, record their answer as a group, compare group responses, have students discuss
  • Generate instant feedback on question, issue or calculation
  • Increase communication – hear from every student in class on every question
  • Capture formative and summative assessment – measure student preparation, understanding or satisfaction

Resources on Using Clickers

  1. In the pouch with each set of clickers is a ring of cards with basic instructions.
  2. Classroom PCs and your office computer should be setup with both of these pieces of software:
    • TurningPoint 2008: software that adds another tab to the PowerPoint menu tabs so that you can easily create interactive PPT slides that use the turning point clickers and receivers
    • TurningPoint AnyWhere:  stand alone software that allows you to quickly poll your class
  3. At the Turning Technologies website are a variety of resources on how to use the clicker software, including:

You can convert existing PowerPoint slides into TurningPoint Slides by following the directions below: 
(Make sure you are opening your PPT with Turning Point and not PPT)

1. Confirm that the existing slide is in Title/Text layout for Office 03 or Title/Content layout for Office 07 and Office 2010.

2. Select Insert Object from the TurningPoint toolbar.

3. Select Charts from the drop down menu.

4. Choose a chart from the options.

This will insert a chart into your existing slide converting it into an interactive response slide.



General Resources on Using Clickers (Classroom Response System, or Personal Response System) in the Classroom

  1. Teaching with clickers from Vanderbilt    Lists of types of clicker questions and activities to do
  2. A very indepth 33-page PDF document on the Effective Use of Clickers in Teaching from the U of Colorado at Boulder