A student in Spanish class



What is Spanish?

At Hesston College, you can begin a major in Spanish by taking Elementary Spanish I and II. As you transfer to another university, you will continue taking classes in Spanish that emphasize reading, writing, listening and speaking in Spanish. Classes and requirements vary from university to university, but in general your upper level classes will include study in literature, linguistics, conversation and writing.

Success Factors

Spanish classes are taught in Spanish. One of the most important factors in student success is classroom attendance and participation and completing your homework outside of class. Motivation is just as important as any natural aptitude for language learning you may have. Students who enjoy this challenge as well as learning about other cultures and societies are a great fit for a Spanish major.

Career Possibilities

A Spanish major is a jumping off point for several career paths. There are options for using your Spanish in education, translation, interpretation, social services, human resources, government positions, travel and tourism, business and communications, among others. As Spanish ranks second in the number of native speakers throughout the world, including 41 million native speakers in the United States, Spanish is an asset to any career path.

Majoring in Spanish

Hesston College Spanish students benefit from small classes sizes and extra attention. Native Spanish speakers on campus enhance the classroom learning and are at times available for tutoring.

Spanish curriculum

The Spanish curriculum will provide you with the strong educational foundation you will need for upper-level studies and a degree. Academic advisors work one-on-one with students to ensure requirements are met for a seamless transition to continuing education and professional careers.

Sample curriculum – associate degree in Spanish