Early Childhood Education Preschool


The Hesston College laboratory Preschool provides rich observation and hands-on experiences for students studying early childhood education. It also provides a half-day preschool program to serve children, families and the Hesston community.

Learning Environment

On-campus laboratory preschool for children ages 3-5 in the Laban Peachey Center.

Hesston College’s Early Childhood Education program

Students studying early childhood education have the opportunity for observation and active involvement in the laboratory preschool on a rotating basis during their freshman year at Hesston. After completion of one to one and a half years of ECE coursework, early childhood students may choose to complete a Field Experience component in the lab preschool. Students who have completed the Field Experience value the hands-on experences of planning and leading activities through the lab preschool.

College students relate to children one on one through the following activities: reading a story, building with blocks, dressing up in the house area, guiding an art activity, getting your hands in various sensory experiences, leading large group activities, and other experiences.