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Disaster Management Scholarships

History of the Scholarship Fund

This fund was established to help students who are interested in serving others, by offering, depending on the number of applicants, up to $3,000 per year to qualified students. Kevin King, Executive Coordinator of Mennonite Disaster Service, initiated discussions with Hesston College in May of 2004, asking Hesston College to consider developing a leadership program for MDS. MDS and other faith-based agencies recognized the need for trained leadership in managing disaster response. A new Disaster Management Program was begun at Hesston College in August of 2005.

Establishment of the Fund

The fund is established through gifts from individuals and businesses that are interested in assisting students with the desire to help others in need.

Management of the Fund

Income received for this fund shall be sent to Hesston College or MDS and clearly designated as money for the Disaster Management Scholarship Fund. Additions to the fund may be made at any time.

Selection of Recipients

The program director will select recipients according to the following guidelines, which are subject to yearly review:

  1. Enroll in the Disaster Management Program, which includes a 8-week summer field experience after the first year, and a 8-week summer internship after the second year.
  2. Establish a financial need.

The program director will give priority to applications received by March 1 for the following school year.

Scholarship Distribution and Return

The college will distribute scholarship funds through its financial funds through its financial aid process, allocating half of the scholarship to the financial aid package each semester. The scholarship for the fall semester will be awarded after October10 and the scholarship for the spring semester will be awarded before February 15. If the student does not complete the spring semester, summer field experience, or summer internship, he or she will forfeit half of the scholarship. The student will return the required amount to Mennonite Disaster Service.