Moving Toward Missional – Postponed

It's not if you are called but how you are called

A Weekend College event by Hesston College’s Center for Anabaptist Leadership and Learning

The October 2 to 4 event has been postponed due to COVID-19. A new date will be announced when available.

Why is casting a missional vision or mission statement not enough?

What keeps our churches from reaching out to our communities?

You are already convinced a missional presence is necessary for the future of the Church. But what do you do after you have read the books, gone to the seminars and listened to the podcasts?

Seeing your first “job” as a missionary wherever you are and your congregation’s primary purpose as making disciples who make disciples.

Moving your congregation toward missional is like seeing the top of the mountain but not knowing which path to take to get there. Moving your congregation toward missional also takes a certain kind of leadership. You may see the top of the mountain and you may know which path to take, but you also need to help people who hate hiking take their first step.

Moving toward Missional peels back the layers of culture that inhibit the Church from reaching the goals of our well-dreamt mission and vision statements.

We START WITH JESUS and what he valued, and then we begin to look at how to move our congregation’s value system back to the same values as Jesus.

Jesus’ approach was practical, simple and lived out in daily life. Ours should be, too. Missional is not a quick fix, but it is simpler than you can imagine.

Join us for the Center for Anabaptist Leadership and Learning’s Weekend College: Moving Toward Missional.

Registration fee:

  • Individual – $100
  • Congregational team of 3 or more – $75 each
  • Congregational team of 5 or more – $50 each

Please note: Hesston College is requiring all students, employees and guests to observe physical distancing, and wear face masks in gatherings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain. Face masks will be required at this event.