CALL Enrollment and Financial Aid

Application and Enrollment Process

These steps outline the general process for enrollment in the CALL program. Although they seem lengthy, we have found that following these steps helps avoid misunderstandings and surprises later. The steps may not always be followed in exact sequence.

We believe that a call from God to church leadership is not only through an inner and individual call, but also through one’s home congregation. Admission into the CALL Program is a joint decision by the home congregation and Hesston College. Hesston College is simply an extension of the local congregation, not an independent institution.

Students also benefit greatly from the prayer and personal support of their congregation and the people who encouraged them to respond to the call to Church Leadership.

Quick reference list of forms

Applying for Admission

  1. Complete the online application for admission to Hesston College.
  2. If you are seeking a Missional Leadership certificate, have your high school transcripts and any college transcripts sent to Hesston College Admissions.
  3. Visit campus and/or ZOOM interview with CALL faculty (may precede application).
  4. Direct your pastor or conference minister to download the Call and Affirmation form or download the form and give it to the pastor or conference minister. They can upload the completed form through our secure upload or mail it to Hesston College Admissions. They will likely dialogue with the church or church leadership and you. If you are applying for financial aid from your conference, your pastor should forward a copy of the completed Call and Affirmation Form to the appropriate conference person – Conference Minister, Leadership Chairperson, etc).
  5. Ask one additional person (other than your pastor) who knows you well to complete a reference for you. You may download the reference form and give it to them or direct them to this link so they can download the form. They can upload the completed form through our secure upload or mail it to Hesston College CALL, PO Box 3000, Hesston, KS 67062.

Upon Hesston College’s and your home congregation or church group’s approval of your application, you will receive notification from Hesston College concerning your acceptance into the CALL program. The college will also send a copy of the acceptance letter to your pastor or contact person. Acceptance is also based on the assumption that adequate financial arrangements can be made.

After acceptance, mail the $150 tuition deposit to Hesston College. This deposit is refundable until May 1

Financial Aid

The cost of CALL program courses will be $420 per credit hour for the Missional Leadership certificate program. Our recommendation is a course load of five hours per semester, which will be roughly $2,100 each semester. Students are encouraged to take the course load that fit into their schedule.

  1. The Missional Leadership Certificate program is eligible for Hesston College aid only, and does not qualify for Federal Student Aid. (Persons who are not applying for the full Missional Leadership Certificate program will not be eligible for Hesston College aid. They may seek outside support from their congregation or conference.)
  2. Obtain information from your pastor and/or contact person regarding the amount of financial support you will receive from your local church and individuals.
  3. Contact your conference office to apply for any conference leadership education grants or loans for which you may qualify.
  4. Hesston College financial aid will be reserved for those taking the full certificate program. Those who choose to take only one or two courses will not be eligible for financial aid. Those who are not in the full certificate program do not need to fill out the financial aid form. Once you know about all the outside support you will receive from your congregation and/or conference, complete this CALL financial aid application which will be submitted to the Hesston College director of Financial Aid to help determine the amount of Hesston College aid awarded to you.
  5. You will be notified of your financial aid award by the Financial Aid office. You will be asked to sign the award signifying your acceptance, and to complete a payment plan.

Technology and Travel

You are also responsible for your own technological needs as far as being able to video conference for classes via ZOOM, which includes a video camera and microphone as well as having a computer to do work. The ZOOM application is also available for Android and iPhone smart devices. In most communities in the United States, the public library should have what you need for classes.

Because the CALL program is a hybrid/online course, being able to prepare for specific dates of travel will be vital to group cohesiveness. Students will meet three times for face to face gatherings. The CALL program will provide dates of travel to the best of our ability ahead of time so that adequate time can be given for travel.


You will have the opportunity to register for classes with your advisor, Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, beginning in May. We will correspond with you in late spring and summer regarding other processes or details to be completed before enrollment.

As always, feel free to call us if you have questions. Our number is 620-327-4221.