Air Traffic Control Course Fees

  Course Fees
Avia 112 Air Traffic Basics I
Avia 113 Air Traffic Basics II
Avia 212 Air Traffic Basics III
Avia 213 Air Traffic Basics IV
Avia 102 Private Pilot
Knowledge Test Fee for Ground School (per test)

Course fee for AVIA 102, Private Pilot includes aircraft rental, instructor time, and the check-ride fee. They do not include the following:

  • Textbooks
  • FAA knowledge tests
  • Hesston College Aviation student pilot shirt
  • Extracurricular events (field trips, etc.)

When looking at financial aid options, please figure an additional $1,000 per semester for these items.

Hesston College Aviation flight training facility is open year around. Students are encouraged to fly during semester breaks and summer semester to help them complete their flight courses on time.

Course fees are based on student averages. Flight hours may very depending upon:

  • Individual student progress
  • additional requested instruction
  • changes in FAA requirements

Hours flown in excess of curriculum plan are charged at current rates.

Aviation rates are subject to changes in fuel cost or program revisions without notice.