Photographs by Hannah Bader in Hesston College Gallery this month

Photographs by Hannah Bader, Johnson City, Tenn., are on exhibit until January 30 in the Hesston College Gallery located in Smith Center.

Bader spent nine years of her life as a missionary child in Kenya, then graduated from a high school in Canton, Ohio, where her parents live. She holds a bachelor’s degree in photography and English from Milligan College, located in Johnson City, Tenn.

After graduation, Bader worked two years as a photojournalist for the Elizabethton Star in Elizabethton, Tenn.

At present, Bader is a free-lance photojournalist for the Herald Courier in Bristol, Tenn., and does wedding photography on the side.

She has traveled in Europe, including serving as a sheepherder this past summer as she traveled around and worked on farms in southern Wales.