Telephone Handbook

Most students arrive on campus with a cellular phone that they use as their primary tool for voice communication and thus have no need for a landline phone in their dorm rooms. The college will provide phone access (including voice mail) upon request. Contact Campus Facilities at ext. 8120 (620-327-8120) to request campus phone service in your dorm room.

Mod Phone

Incoming calls—Off-campus calls cannot be made direct to the mod phone. Off-campus individuals can reach the mod by dialing the campus switchboard 620-327-4221 and asking for the mod phone extension number.

Whenever you hear the mod phone ring, answer it. The call may be for you. Answer by identifying your mod. If the individual requested is not in the mod, offer to take a message—record caller’s name, phone number and time of call.

Damage and Repair

Phone set—If your phone is not working, exchange phones with a friend to test your phone. If your friend’s phone works in your jack, then your phone is malfunctioning and needs repair. Take your phone to a supplier or repair shop, not the Campus Facilities department.

Phone line—Exchange phones with a friend to test your phone line. If your friend’s phone does not work in your phone jack and your phone works in your friend’s room, the phone line is the problem. Call the Hesston College Campus Facilities office, ext. 8120, for repair.

Do not call the local phone company. The campus phone and equipment lines are owned by Hesston College. The Campus Facilities department services the phone line—not the local phone company.

Use of Other Telephone Equipment

The use of personal telephones, modems or other communication equipment is acceptable provided that:

  • It’s connected with a modular plug that fits the wall jack provided (use the top jack).
  • It’s touch-tone compatible equipment.
  • The wall jack or wiring in a room is not tampered with. Tampering with telephone jack wiring results in a $50 fine.
  • You may hook up a computer modem and a telephone set into one jack by using the line and telephone jack on the modem or by using a “Y” connector.

All personal telephones, fax machines, etc. are the sole responsibility of the student.

Damage to the Telephone System

Normal phone equipment will not cause any problems. However, damage to the campus phone system caused by improperly installed equipment or improper use will be the financial responsibility of the student. This may be as much as $1,000.

Information and Emergency Coverage

All campus telephone extensions are listed in the campus telephone directory and in the automated telephone directory. Campus operator hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For fire, ambulance and police emergency calls, dial 9 + 911 from any campus extension. Contact your RD and RA immediately about the emergency.

Please contact the Campus Facilities office, ext. 8120, for more information on long distance calling.

Power Failure

The campus telephone system is equipped with a limited backup power supply and will remain functional during brief power interruptions. The telephone system will not function anywhere on campus in the event of an extended power failure of 90 minutes or more.

Handbook 2016-17