(A.A.A.S. degree)

The Business curriculum prepares students for entry into many growing and rewarding occupations or for transfer to four-year programs. Potential career fields include management, marketing and sales, administration, accounting, entrepreneurship, international business, office management and business systems.

Required Program Courses: 28 to 29 hours (grade of C or better required)
Core business courses: Financial Accounting I, Business Communication, Management, Marketing, Principles of Microeconomics and Computer Applications.
Support business courses: Choose 9 to 10 additional hours from Business Accounting, Business Administration, Business Computer Systems (114 or higher) and Economics. Other courses may be substituted with departmental approval.

First Year Fall Program courses
Exploring Business
Principles of Macroeconomics
Computer Applications
Recommended courses
First-Year Seminar
College Writing I

Spring Program courses
Principles of Microeconomics
business or computer course
Recommended courses
Biblical Literature
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
Speech Communication
humanities course

Second Year Fall Program courses
Financial Accounting I
business or computer course
Recommended courses
responsibility course
natural science course

Spring Program courses
Business Communication
business or computer course
Recommended courses
Speech Communication
integration course

General Education Notes: Principles of Microeconomics satisfies the social science general education requirement. Financial Accounting I satisfies the math general education requirement.

Catalog 2014-15