Estate Planning and Planned Giving

Alumni and friends of Hesston College have at least three options for Planned Giving Services:

Hesston College offers free planned giving services to Hesston College alumni and friends. Development staff will recommend alumni and friends to Laurel Miller. He assists Hesston College’s alumni and friends in understanding the essentials and opportunities of planned giving. This includes tax-advantaged planning which may result in increased dollars available for your family and charities. Hesston staff will work closely with your attorney or other professional advisors to meet your gift planning objectives. The college sells no products. In the event your situation warrants it, Hesston College has expert services available in the person of John Griffin, Jr., whom the college will utilize as necessary at no cost to you.

Contact your Hesston College Development Officer for assistance with your planned giving needs.

Online planned giving services and information through

Hesston College’s Gift Legacy site.

Online services provide a wealth of planning options including personalized illustrations.


Evenence, with offices in Telford, Lititz, and Chambersburg, Pa.; Harrisonburg, Va.; Kidron, Ohio; Goshen, Ind.; Hesston, Kan.; Kalona, Iowa, and Wilsonville, Ore., provides many Hesston College alumni and friends assistance with financial planning, charitable giving, and other services.