Delivering the Promise Campaign

Explore the need

We promise students that when they START at Hesston, they don’t have to wait for great opportunities.

Delayed piano maintenance means pianos are unable to meet students’ needs. More aviation students increase demand for flight and training time. Larger tennis rosters with more than double the matches create a need for more space to develop skills and host competitors. With students utilizing Northlawn for class, theatre, campus worship and vocal and instrumental music, the building feels cramped and is showing its age through inefficient heating and cooling. Settled behind trees and a new church, our campus is difficult for guests to find — even when they’re standing a few feet away on the sidewalk along Main Street.

When visitors feel lost trying to find us and when students wait for a turn in the plane, at a piano or on the court, we fail to deliver on our promise. That’s not who we are, and it’s why we need funds to successfully complete these projects.

Transform lives

The renovation of Northlawn and construction of a new campus entry will transform the north end of campus and have an immediate impact on our ability to make a positive first impression with prospective students. These projects will include:

Northlawn building on the Hesston College campus

Northlawn and Campus Entry

For Northlawn

  • Acoustical work to isolate and calibrate sound
  • Creation of dedicated spaces for theatre, campus worship, choir and band rehearsal and instrument storage
  • Additional classroom and student gathering spaces
  • Progress videos – Jan., Feb., March, April, June

For a campus entry

  • Increased campus visibility along Main Street
  • Open campus to create welcoming environment
  • Landscaping to improve campus aesthetic and make strong, positive first impressions with prospective students and their families
  • Additional parking and drop-off area will better serve campus visitors to performing arts events on north side of campus

Hesston College campus entry - artist's rendering

Discover solutions

Smaller projects can make a big difference. The Delivering the Promise campaign will provide students with the following:

Hesston College Aviation

For aviation:

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk with Garmin G1000 Avionics
  • Flight training device upgrade
  • Avionics modernization, including GPS on all planes
  • Enhanced airport offices and learning spaces

Thanks to many generous donors, the aviation portion of the campaign is complete.

Hesston College student playing piano

For music:

  • Replacement of a 1969 Baldwin D nine-foot grand piano
  • Rebuilding and refurbishment of pianos in instructor and voice studios
  • Three new upright pianos for practice rooms
  • New baby grand piano in Northlawn

Hesston College Women's Tennis

For tennis:

  • An additional two tennis courts
  • Landscaping to serve as a protective barrier from Kansas wind
  • Improved spectator experiences

Start by giving

This campaign is about two things: students and the future.

Hesston College makes a promise to each student when we say “Start here, go everywhere.” We also promise to be a welcoming, inviting place for all our guests and visitors. You know we work hard to keep these promises. You can make a difference and help us continue to deliver on our promise.

Don’t wait to help. You can make a difference. No gift is too small (or too big!) simply START in one of two ways. Make a gift today or contact your development officer for more information.

Make a gift today or contact your development officer for more information.