Start the Journey

College is the time to start building your future. You get to choose what to study and which opportunities to pursue, and it all starts with choosing your college. When you start at Hesston College, you really can go everywhere.

Start with a Unique Tradition

Hesston College is the only two-year private liberal arts college in Kansas. Founded in 1909, Hesston is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA and rooted in biblical principles of peacemaking, justice and service to others. All backgrounds are welcomed because when you start at Hesston, you join a community that values each person. The result: you feel connected.

Your time at Hesston will be filled with opportunities to be involved from the moment you arrive. We will encourage you to explore your gifts and interests. People will know you and celebrate your success.

Hesston College was named the Number 2 two-year college in the country for student success by Washington Monthly magazine in 2010. Such high recognition proves that our students put their education to work and make a difference.

Start with Success

Hesston students explore ideas and opportunities. Faculty get to know you and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to reach your goals.

You will go hands-on with your classes right from the start and learn to think in ways that are practical yet allow you to see the big picture wherever you go.

Academic Programs

Choose from more than 50 majors and experience the wide range of educational opportunities our liberal arts curriculum provides. We will work with you to make transferring your credits seamless.

If you want to get out into the workforce with a two-year degree, we have strong programs with knowledgeable and accessible professors who will prepare you for success.

Start with Opportunities

At Hesston you get leadership and involvement opportunities right from the start. Student leaders at Hesston College are creative, passionate, energetic and supportive. When you take the reins, you take an active role in your learning, and you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Performing Arts

Hesston offers many opportunities to showcase your creativity and talent through music and theatre, and you don't have to major in the field to be involved. You can sing a solo in one of the two choirs and perform throughout the year at churches, schools and special events both locally and across the country. You can take the lead in the fall or spring theatre production. If you play an instrument, you can be among the select few members of the Concert Band.


The Hesston College Larks face top-notch competition in 11 sports in the National Junior College Athletic Association - women's basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball, and men's baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer and tennis. Student athletes are integrated into the larger campus community and make athletics an extension of their college experience. Hesston teams have won many regional championships and competed in national tournaments.

Campus Life

Hesston College quickly becomes a home away from home for the almost 450 students who venture here from 30 states and 11 countries. Here, community starts in the dorms. We promote socializing, living and working together through campus activities, mod living and spiritual development.

Spiritual Life

Hesston College emphasizes spiritual growth and service to others. Many Hesston students come from an Anabaptist background, and almost 25 religious affiliations make up the entire student population. You will attend chapel twice a week and have opportunities to be involved with student-led Bible studies and weekly campus worship. Whether you want to grow in your faith or are starting your first faith experience, you will find people to journey with you.

Financial Aid

Hesston's cost is lower than the national average for private colleges. With federal assistance and dozens of institutional scholarships, loans and grant options, the average aid package totals more than $17,000. Combine that with friendly financial aid staff who understand that a sticker price is only a starting point, and you will discover an experience that can keep college affordable.


So you like the idea of a campus full of people committed to your success, a place where people believe you have something to offer and a place that can give you a fresh start? When you schedule a visit, you will meet with professors, coaches and others from your fields of interest, meet students who can give you first-hand accounts of campus life, sit in on classes and spend a night in the dorms.