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Youth Ministry begins right here...

If you are looking for cutting edge youth ministry, you’ve come to the right place. Hesston College combines solid academics and practical experience. Spiritual formation and step-by step applications. Being and doing. At Hesston College, we believe that we minister out of who we are, so we give attention to the whole person. Head knowledge interacts with real life stuff.

How does the program work?

Hesston College offers two degrees in Youth Ministry. The A.A.A.S. degree is completed in two years at Hesston and provides students with the pastoral and theological understandings and skills to become a youth pastor or enter a related field in youth ministry after graduation.

The A.A. degree, geared for the transfer student, gives participants a solid foundation in youth ministry studies, upon which they can build at a four-year school.

How would I benefit from Hesston's Youth Ministry Program?

Hesston is a great place to begin studies toward Youth Ministry. Because it is a two-year school, you will take applied courses right away rather than wait through two years of theory courses. At Hesston, you can accept leadership roles in your first semester and start field experience as part of your first youth ministry class.

Academically, we connect the practical with the theoretical. We ask the question, “What will this youth ministry model mean theologically? Will this activity support or sabotage what we say we believe?”

Best of all we- both instructors and students- work at relationships. Youth ministry is so much more than Frisbee football and pizza, more than programs and curriculum. It’s about nurturing vital relationships with others and most importantly, with Jesus Christ.

What makes our program unique? At Hesston, we believe that we minister out of who we are, so we intentionally work at spiritual formation. We pray together. We share our stories, our pain and our joys with each other. We work at being community together. We understand that the journey inward is what makes it possible to take the journey outward.

Interested in Youth Ministry at Hesston College? Our special YM classes include:

Introduction to Youth Ministry - Learn the fundamentals! Practice different YM models, dream big dreams about what could be!

Programming for Youth Ministry - This class deals with the nuts and bolts. Practice leading crowd breakers, make a portfolio, lead Bible studies, and really do the ministry!

Youth Ministry Seminar I and II - Participate in a small group setting where we talk about God's call on our lives. Practice youth ministry at the Hesston Middle School. Build your resume and have a mock interview.

Faith and Discipleship - Here we don't just talk about prayer, fasting, confession, and journaling. We do it.

The Helping Relationship -How do youth pastors and sponsors counsel youth? That's the question we wrestle with in this class.

Recreation Leadership - Got 200 people on a football field and nothing to do? This class can solve that problem!

Peacemaking and Justice - Should Christians go to war? How should we respond to ethical dilemmas we face? What do we do about poverty and oppression?

Anabaptist History and Thought -Learn about the Radical Reformation, how it changed the world, and how it is till changing the world.

Drama in the Church - How do we learn more about Jesus, get into worship, or deal with ethical issues through the avenue of drama?

Worship and Celebration - What new direction is worship taking in the new millennium? How can the church be cutting edge?

Christian Education - Write youth curriculum, practice teaching, talk about new directions for Christian Ed, and really do some active learning.

Preaching - Learn how to keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

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