What do the Social Work and Sociology programs offer me?

At Hesston College, you will be introduced to basic ideas in the exciting areas of social work and sociology. This introduction will provide you with time to test your skills and interests in these areas while helping you understand many kinds of people. As part of this introduction, you will have the opportunity to work with people ranging from young children to older adults who experience a variety of problems.

How will my courses at Hesston prepare me for future studies?

Hesston's courses are designed to ensure your success in upper-level classes at the college or university of your choice. After two years at Hesston, you will have earned an associate's degree and completed 60 college credit hours. Your Hesston education will provide you with the strong, diverse educational foundation that you will need for upper-level sociology and social work courses. At Hesston, there are no teacher assistants, only highly trained professors who focus all of their time and energy on first- and second-year students.

Hesston professors are committed to your success during your first two years of college. They will be available whenever you need their advice in career planning or class scheduling.

Hesston students enjoy opportunities to serve as tutors and work as departmental assistants, privileges reserved for juniors and seniors at most schools. In addition, Hesston students are encouraged to participate in some actual service, validating their career interests through actual work experience.

Persons who opt for careers in social work can choose from a wide variety of challenging kinds of work. Opportunities include traditional counseling services, crisis intervention, helping the underprivileged, organizational development, research in human behavior, teaching, and serving as behavior specialists in many other fields.

What makes Hesston College unique?

The campus community. Here professors and staff are skilled at teaching and relating to college students in their first two years of study. We view students as whole beings with beliefs and feelings as well as intellect, and we view all aspects of the college experience as significant: classroom, dormitory, activities and religious life. Above all, we believe that the atmosphere in which learning occurs is as important as what one learns.

For what other reasons should I attend Hesston College?

Think what a Hesston College education could do for you. With students from 30 states and more than 14 countries, Hesston College creates a learning environment ideal for growth. It's a place where you can mature through dialogue with international as well as North American students.

What courses can I take at Hesston College?

As a psychology, sociology or social work major at Hesston College, you can choose from many courses including:

The Helping Relationship

Religions of the World

Urban Sociology: Chicago

Sociology of Families

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Psychology of Older Adults

Biblical Literature

Social Diversity

What is General Education?

What you may not realize is that the courses offered in the first two years at Hesston College are similar to the General Education courses at most colleges or universities. The course titles may be slightly different, but you can expect to take introductory courses wherever you are.

Our professors, unlike many at four-year institutions, have chosen to specialize in teaching freshmen and sophomores like you. Our staff works diligently to make the college experience a positive one. In a setting like Hesston College, which supports a variety of disciplines, you are apt to receive a more well-rounded course of study than you would if you were programmed in one direction right away. After all, the typical college student will change his or her major two or three times before deciding on one.

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