What is sociology?

Sociology is a systematic study of the human society and social interaction. It focuses on how relationships develop and influence social behavior; and how societies develop and change.

Success factors

Sociology helps us to understand who we are, how our behavior and our life chances are shaped by the groups we belong to and the larger society we live in. If you are a curious person, interested in:

  • human diversity
  • exploring the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society
  • searching for solutions to today’s social problems, you will find this area of study not only intrinsically rewarding but also one with great opportunities and prospects.

Career possibilities

Sociology is a dynamic field that will give you a foundation and intellectual tools needed in many different career paths such as policy analysis, city planning, data analysis, public relations, social work, case management, corrections, law enforcement, advocacy, market research, and programming.

“Hesston College shaped me profoundly in my journey toward a career in social work. The instruction I got from instructors went way beyond the technical matters of the subjects. I learned much about the profoundness and beauty of humanity. I learned valuable methods for critical examination of complicated matters. Faculty members took personal interest in me and helped me recognize my gifts. What I learned at Hesston gives me an edge for helping others: a rich deepening in my understanding that human uniqueness passes our measurements, that a person can learn from any situation, that there is depth in the human spirit that surpasses the circumstantial and much more.”
— Sam Foxvog, class of 2013

Majoring in sociology

At Hesston College, the courses in our department are offered in a unique student centered learning environment. Classes are small and encourage discussions about current societal trends. Students are taught how to:

  • think like social scientists
  • collect and use empirical data and sociological theory
  • analyze, understand and engage our globalizing world.

Sociology curriculum

At Hesston College, you will be introduced to basic ideas, research methods and sociological theories. This introduction will provide you with time to test your learned skills and interests in these areas while helping you understand how social life is structured and organized. As part of this introduction, you will have the opportunity to do research and to work with people ranging from young children to older adults who experience a variety of social problems.

Sample curriculum – associate degree in sociology

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