The Importance of Math

In most any discipline, skills in mathematics are required. In order to make informed decisions for ourselves and our communities, we need an understanding of algebra and statistics. But why study mathematics for its own sake? Mathematics is a science and the language of science. Perhaps more importantly, however, math is also an art.

Regardless of one’s chosen career, there will always be problems that need to be solved. In studying math, we learn to clearly define problems, investigate proven as well as creative new methods for solving problems and communicate solutions in a clear, concise manner to enable others to understand and use solutions to problems.

When I came to Hesston College I didn't know I was going to be a math major, but I liked math so I took a math class out of curiosity. I got hooked. I took all the math there is to take at Hesston, and enjoyed it. As I transferred, all of my math credits from Hesston fit in well with my university requirements, and with some help from my advisor, I declared a Math major and was able to complete it in two years.
          - Jesse Blosser '01

Career Options

Persons who complete a degree in mathematics can choose from a wide range of career options such as actuarial science, analysts in business and industrial fields and education. Mathematics is also a good field of study, if not a major, for persons interested in engineering, statistics and computer science, as well as other sciences.

Opportunities in Math at Hesston College

Hesston’s courses are designed to insure your success in upper-level classes at the college or university of your choice. At Hesston, we incorporate the use of technology into our study of mathematics, learning to apply the tools of mathematics as well as the theory.

Our small classes and intensive, personalized instruction will help you excel in the critical foundation courses of your mathematics major. At Hesston, there are no teaching assistants, only instructors who devote all of their time and energy to first- and second-year students. Our small class size also means that you will find your instructors available to work with you individually outside of class time.

Persons intending to major in mathematics may earn either the A.S. or A.A. degree while at Hesston College. Program of study: A.A. or A.S. in mathematics. In order to qualify for the A.A. degree, an additional humanities course and social sciences course are required as well as College Writing II. Arrangements of courses other than those listed are possible for students desiring to major in mathematics.

Come and experience the community of Hesston College. Here professors and staff are skilled at teaching and relating to college students in their first two years of study. We view students as whole beings with beliefs and feelings as well as intellect, and we view all aspects of the college experience as significant: classroom, dormitory, activities and religious life. Above all, we believe that the atmosphere in which learning occurs is as important as what one learns.

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