Graphic Design

Hesston College is a great place to explore your interests and sharpen your skills in Visual Arts. A start at Hesston College will provide the basic core courses, provide for individual study, and help you to find your niche and expand your creativity and skill level.

Why begin my art journey at Hesston College?

  • Hesston College instructors focus their efforts on the development of first- and second-year art students.
  • Small class sizes with a low faculty to student ratio nurture a feeling of belonging and give students an opportunity to explore their talent.
  • Since much of art is about problem solving, students will be encouraged to discover how to find answers for themselves with the guidance of their instructors. Assignments requiring problem solving will train students to search on their own for the answers in other aspects of their life as well, which will open their minds to this pattern of thought as a life-long process.
  • The Hesston community offers some unique local resources, as area artists such as Paul Friesen, Conrad Snider and others from the community often come and give presentations for the students.
  • Since Hesston is a two-year college, there are also opportunities for students to work for the department and develop related skills for the visual arts. These positions are often not available for freshmen and sophomores at larger institutions.

What can I do with my interest in art after starting at Hesston?

After students graduate from Hesston College, they are prepared to go anywhere to finish their education. Our students have attended nationally known programs such as Virginia Commonwealth University, and other programs such as Bethel College, Goshen College, Eastern Mennonite University, Kansas City Art Institute, Denver Art Institute, Wichita State University, Florida State University, and others. Many of these students have gone on to earn M.F.A. degrees. Our alumni are studio artists, teachers, graphic artists and photographers. Some choose to pursue other professions and make art as an avocation.

Plan of Study for Art and Graphic Design - (A.A. degree)

The Friesen Center for the Visual Arts

The Friesen Center for the Visual Arts, the newest building on campus, is the new home for the art department. It is adjacent to our music building, putting all fine arts in the same area on campus. The facility accommodates the various mediums in separate areas and provides much needed ventilation and natural light. Numerous display areas also allow us to exhibit a number of pieces from the permanent college collection that have been in storage and not seen by the public. These display areas are also in demand since the Hesston College Art Collection has been increasing at a regular pace for both two- and three-dimensional art works.

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