Physical Education



The Hesston College Physical Education Department provides opportunities for students, faculty and staff to acquire knowledge and skills which will assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Students participate in a required Fitness Concepts class where they learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. There is a strong emphasis and opportunity for students to put these concepts into practice.
  • A variety of lifetime activity courses are offered that immediately activate students towards living a healthier lifestyle.

At Hesston College, students in Physical Education are involved immediately in helping others to become active. Students have opportunities through the Recreation Leadership class to plan and host the annual 2 mile fun run as well as assist with the on-campus workplace wellness incentives.

Students will be challenged with a solid foundation of introductory courses that will prepare them for degree completion in a variety of physical education fields beyond Hesston.

Faculty and staff, on occasion, join various activity skill classes in order to learn and become physically active. This allows students to see that the quest for fitness and learning in fitness is lifelong.

The Physical Education Department crafts various fitness incentives for faculty and staff to participate in during the year. PE students are encouraged to assist in the facilitation of these incentives, providing this students with the hands on opportunity to work with work place wellness incentives.

Building Community through Play/Activity

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” -Plato

Through sport and play, the human nature is expressed allowing one to learn a lot about people as well as their self through play.

Students are offered with a variety of experiences that provide a variety of lifetime activity courses challenging students to be active, whether individually or as a group, fostering improved health and well being.

The Physical Education Department also incorporates various workplace wellness programs for faculty/staff that foster improved health and wellbeing.

Each year, the department, or on alternating years, the Recreation Leadership class facilitates a two mile walk, jog, run that brings together students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and others beyond the campus.

The Folk Dance class trains students to teach basic dances that are often used in larger campus activities as well as small student group activities.

Athletic Training students gain valuable hands on skills through course labs as well as assisting the Trainer through routine practices and game days.

Recreation Leadership Games and Activities

Learning Environment

  • Yost Center
  • Campus Activities Center
  • Tennis courts
  • Hesston Golf Course
  • Hesston Wellness Center
  • Oswald Field
  • Soccer field