Prenursing Curriculum Sequence – 3 year

Eligibility standards: to be officially accepted to the prenursing program, applicants must meet ONE of the following:

  • High school GPA of 3.25;
  • Cumulative college GPA of 3.0 based on a minimum of 12 credit hours;
  • ACT composite of 19, or combined score of 910 on the two-part SAT or 1365 on the three-part SAT, or ASSET scaled scores of 42 reading and 42 writing; and
  • If international, must also achieve a score of 525 or higher on paper-based TOEFL, or 195 on the computer-based TOEFL, or 70 on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT).

In addition, applicants must meet legal standards for RN licensure and the program’s technical standards and submit two positive references (being recommended or highly recommended).

See the bottom of this page for progression into Nursing I.

First Semester (Fall of first year) Hours
SCS 101 First Year Seminar (FYS)
SCS course waived for 24 hours of successful college coursework (no AP or dual high school credit)
1 credit hour
Engl 125 College Writing I 3 credit hours
Psy 200 General Psychology 3 credit hours
BiSc 205 or
Chem 101
Anatomy and Physiology or
Introductory Chemistry
Chemistry requirement waived for students who have completed one year of high school chemistry within the past five years with a grade of B or higher.
5 or
4 credit hours
Elective course (choice) 1 to 3 credit hours
12 to 15 hours
Second Semester (Spring of first year) Hours
BiSc 206 Microbiology (or summer course) 4 credit hours
Comm 206 Speech Communication 3 credit hours
Psy 206 Developmental Psychology 3 credit hours
Soc 203 Introduction to Sociology (elective) 3 credit hours
13 hours
Summer between years: BiSc 205Anatomy & Physiology (5) as a prerequisite for Nursing I. Introductory Chemistry* (4) should be taken if not already met.
Third Semester (Fall of second year) Hours
Nutr 210 Principles of Nutrition 3 credit hours
Nurs 100 Nursing I: Fundamentals and Gerontology 8 credit hours
Nurs 107 Nursing Pharmacology I 1 credit hour
12 hours
Fourth Semester (Spring of second year) Hours
Hum ___ Humanities course (choice) 3 credit hours
Elective course (choice) 1 to 3 credit hours
Nurs 102 Nursing II: Maternal/Infant and Care of Children 8 credit hours
Nurs 108 Nursing Pharmacology II 1 credit hour
12 to 15 hours
Fifth Semester (Fall of third year) Hours
Relg 100 Biblical Literature 3 credit hours
Nurs 200 Nursing III: Medical/Surgical and Mental Health 9 credit hours
Nurs 207 Nursing Pharmacology III 1 credit hour
13 hours
Sixth Semester (Spring of third year) Hours
Nurs 202 Nursing IV: Medical/Surgical and Client Care Management 9 credit hours
Nurs 208 Nursing Pharmacology IV 1 credit hour
Nurs 290 Nursing Integration Seminar 3 credit hours
13 hours

Nursing students are required to demonstrate math competency in dosage calculations through testing in nursing coursework. If math competency is not met in Nursing I, students must successfully complete Nurs 105 – Dosage Calculations.

Nursing hours = 41

General education and support course hours = 30 (minimum); 35 (maximum)

Total required hours = 71 (minimum); 76 (maximum)

To progress into Nursing I (third semester) after completion of prenursing (year one), applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 9 credit hours at Hesston College each semester that fulfill nursing program requirements; including one required science course (Introductory Chemistry; Anatomy & Physiology, or Microbiology) per semester (unless these courses have been previously completed);
  2. Achieve a passing grade (C or above) in each science course taken (fall and spring);
  3. Achieve an overall (cumulative) 2.75 GPA in other Hesston College courses (non-science that meet nursing program requirements;
  4. If an international student, achieve a minimum scaled score of 19 on the Reading section and 20 on each of the other sections (Listening, Speaking and Writing) of the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) by March 1;
  5. Continue to meet the program’s technical standards, legal standards for RN licensure, and have demonstrated positive social character; and
  6. Successfully complete Anatomy & Physiology (college course) by the beginning of the Nursing I semester.