Nursing Graduate & Program Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes

How have employers rated the 2007-2009 Hesston College nursing graduates based on a 5.0 Scale?

  1. Providing safe, holistic, and competent care (4.58)
  2. Applying the nursing process, demonstrating critical thinking (4.50)
  3. Communicating and collaborating effectively with others (4.32)
  4. Providing and coordinating care for a group of clients (4.35)
  5. Practicing within ethical and legal guidelines (4.64)
  6. Demonstrating a commitment to nursing and life-long learning (4.61)

Hesston College Program Outcomes

(Averaged for the last three graduating classes: 2011-2013)

RN Licensure Rates:

  • 88.51% of our graduates have passed the RN licensure exam on the first try.
  • 98.02% of our 1,515 program graduates have met their goal of achieving RN licensure exam (including first time and repeat attempts, through Sept. 1, 2014)

Graduation (Retention) Rate

  • 88.69% of the students who entered our nursing program graduated within three years of entering the program.

Satisfaction Measures

  • Our graduates rate their overall satisfaction with the program as 4.82 on a 5.0 scale (with 5.0=”Very Satisfied”).
  • 98.7% of nursing employers report that they are “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with our graduates

Job Placement Rates

  • 100% of our licensed graduates who seek a nursing position have secured a job in 6 to 12 months following graduation.