Choosing the Nursing Program that is right for You

Persons who are interested in a nursing career have one big decision to make: which educational route they will follow, as there are various types of programs available for nursing personnel. The three primary nursing educational routes available in Kansas include practical nursing programs (leading to L.P.N. licensure); associate degree nursing programs (leading to R.N. licensure) and baccalaureate nursing programs (also leading to R.N. licensure). Some states offer diploma (hospital-based) programs in nursing; however, there are no diploma nursing programs in Kansas.

The type of program a student eventually selects is often based upon a number of factors. These factors may include such considerations as economics/costs, educational/career goals, and program accessibility. The Decision Guide and List of Program Types have been written to provide prospective students with factual information about the various types of nursing programs available in Kansas. Some additional guidance points have also been written that may be helpful in making the final selection of an appropriate and suitable nursing program.

Try the Decision Guide, a series of questions to help prospective students select the most appropriate programs for their abilities and interests.

View a list of program types with detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to nursing education.