Nursing Graduate & Program Outcomes (ADN)

RN Licensure Rates:
  • 90% of our 2015 graduates have passed the RN licensure exam on the first try.
  • Over the history of the program, 98.15% of our 1,565 program graduates have met their goal of achieving RN licensure (including first time and repeat testing attempts)
Graduation (Retention) Rate:
Over the past three years (2012-2014), 87.65% of the students who entered our nursing program graduated within three years.
Job Placement Rate:
100% of our 2015 licensed graduates secured an RN job following graduation
Satisfaction Measures:
  • Our graduates rate their overall satisfaction with the nursing program as 4.68 on a 5.0 scale, with 5.0 = “Very Satisfied” (3-year average, 2013-2015).
  • 78.7% of our 2015 nursing graduates answered a survey question with a 9 or a 10 rating on a 10-point scale saying THEY WILL RECOMMEND Hesston College to others, resulting in a very favorable Net Promoter Score of 70.2%
  • 100% of employers surveyed stated that the competencies of our 2014 nursing graduates met their overall expectations during their first year of RN practice.
  • 100% of employers surveyed stated that they were overall “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with our 2014 nursing graduates during their first year of RN practice
Graduate Competencies:
Employers of our 2014 Hesston College RN graduates rated their satisfaction with our graduates’ skills and abilities as follows: (5.0 = the highest satisfaction rating )
  • 4.69 – Providing safe, holistic nursing care with clinical competence and accountability
  • 4.56 – Demonstrating critical thinking when making decisions and establishing priorities
  • 4.50 – Communicating and collaborating effectively
  • 4.50 – Coordinating care for a group of clients
  • 4.63 – Practicing within the ethical and legal framework of nursing
  • 4.75 – Readily adapting to new technology, including EMRs
  • 4.75 – Demonstrating commitment to the nursing profession, ongoing learning, and self-development