2013-14 New Initiatives

  • More effort to let Facilities know when a room is not in use
  • Sustainability forum with learning stations
  • Installed “stuff swap” boxes in mods and elsewhere on campus
  • “Integration to Globalization” now a course – sustainability a component
  • Sustainability forum about how sustainability is incorporated into academics
  • Charles Hall/Lemons Center HVAC was broken into zones which allows specific areas to be on or off.  This not only improves efficiency but improves comfort.
  • A Student Sustainability Club has formed.
  • We have lost our outlet to give our dining hall food scraps to,  so we are looking into ways to compost food waste ourselves.
  • November 5th was, “Clean Your Plate Day” focused on reducing food waste.  All week long food waste was measured and reported.
  • November 8th had Sustainability Stations during the Friday Forum time.  Students could visit at 10 different stations.
  • President Keim ask his Administrative Assistant Cindy Loucks to do a study on how much we were saving by now having the “docket” papers for the Board of Directors meeting almost all electronic.  Cindy reported that we have moved from a a per meeting cost of $400 to $18 and have reduced meeting prep time from 12 hours to 5 hours.
  • In recent years we have worked at reducing paper usage.   The numbers are:
    2010 – 2011    1.394 million
    2011 – 2012    1.318 million
    2012 – 2013    1.2975 million